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MEN!!! Yes YOU!! Are you all set to make the transformation from an old way to a new way, work towards releasing all that stress and anxiety your feeling, becoming the real YOU and achieving Mental Wellness and a better future?
Mental Wellness Coaching

On occassions in life a cloak of darkness called depression can consume us all. You find it extremely difficult to deal with daiy life and you will find yourself losing interest in everything. Although we as men and women both suffer the perils of Depression; women tend to handle it better due to the fact that they tend to be able to express their feelings more readily. Men on the otherhand tend to mask their emotions of sadness, helplessness, anxieties and grief by engaging in behaviour that leads them towards 'self destruct mode'; drinking excessively, drug use and most often in men, suicide. 

Fortunately Depression is a condition that can be treated and controlled, once the right intervention for you is found. The men I have worked with over the past two decades have successfully applied the techniques they gained from me to overcome their Depression and to maintain their mental wellness and to work towards a better future. 

As someone who fought back from Depression after experiencing the loss of a loved one and having to battle to keep my head above water for my sake and our three children left behind (also covered with their cloak of Depression).  At the time I felt there was no way out: people said they would be there for me, but as grateful as I am for those that did give me the initial support: support is needed on a long term basis; but i appreciate people have their own lives to live.  I am now well in control of my life and extremely happy and at peace:  I therefore am well equipped to guide and coach you through the mind field that Depression throws at you and Iwe will together get you back on track; using a tried and tested set of techniques that I used for myself and others!!!
Depression is nothing to be ashamed of!!!​​
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