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 SONIA Lavington CPC


MEN!!! Yes YOU!! Are you all set to make the transformation from an old way to a new way, work towards releasing all that stress and anxiety your feeling, becoming the real YOU and achieving Mental Wellness and a better future?
About me

​​​My name is Sonia, I have over 20 years experience of coaching individuals on a one to one basis in the public sector; to achieve their personal goals in many different areas of their lives.  I am qualified in Training Practice, Advice and Guidance, Social Science and Leadership Skills. My area of expertise is working with individuals suffering with mental health issues. I work with individuals to change their mindset in order to change mundane and limiting behaviours.

During my proffessional career of working with vulnerable individuals that have experienced traumatic and unsettled ways of life.  I have homed my skills in order to work to encourage and motivate individuals to take the positive steps towards living a meaningful life.  I am motivational, non-judgemental, committed and a trustworthy person. I am totally driven to achieve whatever I set my mind to and I get energised when I can advance myself to enhance my life and others.

​​I am a single working mother of three wonderful children and a proud grandmother of one. My life journey has been rocky and extremely difficult at times but I have learnt that if you advance in the direction of your dreams and endeavor to live the life that you have imagined; you will meet with success in unexpected ways.  I have come frpm the dark in my life and now walk in the light and I want to share with you all the valuable techniques I used to overcome my obstacles.  I want as many people as humanly posible to feel as happy as I do!
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I am Trained and continue to train with the World Coaching Institute.  
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